Added conspicuous design prizes:


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Graphic PrizeInternational PrizeFor Future PrizeHeathcare Prize
Trophies PrizeMankind and Society PrizeEsign PrizeFamous Designers Prize
Good PrizeWebsite PrizeDesignawar Prize3D Prize
Awards PrizeBar PrizeBlack PrizeStrategy Prize
Gold PrizeGraphic Arts PrizeIdea and Concept PrizePrototype Prize
Technical Drawing PrizeStudents' PrizeTextile PrizeWebsite Prize
Magazine PrizeDesign Collage PrizeAccomplished PrizeAward Prize
Champion PrizeCreative Talents PrizeDesignprize PrizeConference Rooms Prize
Design Proposals PrizeDesign Submissions PrizeArchitectural PrizeArchitectural Prize
Challenges PrizeCompetitions PrizeMathematics PrizeOnline Prize
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